Brittanys Bod

First Impressions

The tour for Brittany’s Bod is spectacularly designed. Whoever put it together is a graphical wizard and I imagine they’ve been rewarded with higher conversion rates because of it. After marveling at the tour my eyes drifted to Brittany’s enormous tits, which are certainly the reason she took to the web. I can just imagine all the people around her saying that she should have her own website. With a pair of jugs like that how could you not at least think about it? Luckily she decided to go for it.

Hot Promises

On the first page of the tour Brittany hides her nipples, teasing you into thinking you’ve got to sign up to see the goods. On the next page the censorship goes away and you’re free to ogle her sweet body. She has a fondness for bikinis and thank God because it’s the perfect outfit for her particular physical gifts. She also offers a free video clip to entice you into joining. With a cutie like that smiling at you it will be hard to resist. Inside you’ll find more of the pictures and videos plus stories, candid shots and a forum to post on.


Although the member’s area looks totally different from the tour it’s also very well designed with the same graphical wizardry. Along the top of the page are the important links: pictures, videos, candids and girlfriends. Further down the page you’ll find links to the stories page and to the forums. Brittany welcomes you with a brief note talking about the basic features of the site. There’s also a space for the most recent updates, but it’s empty. By all accounts the last content addition was on October 17, 2007, almost a month ago.

Brittany is primarily a picture girl and so I began there. There are 55 galleries for your enjoyment and each has 30-70 pictures. Some photo sets have been split into two parts, so in reality there are closer to 35 galleries. It’s a pretty thin collection if you really break it down. The obvious question to ask is whether it’s too thin. The full size pictures are high resolution at 1200px and browsing is easy thanks to perfectly sized thumbnails and a fast server that loads the images quickly.

As to whether or not there’s enough content, it depends largely on your impressions of Brittany. I think she’s enchanting and so I loved every moment I spent in her member’s area. Her breasts are ridiculously large and by all accounts are natural. When combined with her slim waist and tight ass Brittany is a rare creature. Most girls with big tits also have a big everything else because body weight tends to be evenly distributed. For that reason alone Brittany gets a little slack from me. She shows her tits in every gallery too, so you’ll get more than enough of them.

I like the clothing Brittany chooses to wear for her galleries but I wish she would expand her lingerie collection a little more. I’m always fond of solo girls that pose in sexy lingerie and she just doesn’t do it enough. She does have a nice collection of bikinis though and those come out to play often. My favorite is a white halter bikini that leaves very little to the imagination. It’s cut in such a way that half of each tit pops out on either side. It’s a parade of cleavage when she brings out that stunningly sexy outfit. She’s actually worn it in two separate photo sets.

My favorite gallery is one in which she’s posing in mixed lingerie. Up top she’s wearing a supportive black lace bra. Her tits are pretty perky when left to hang naked but they look phenomenal when they’re in a high quality bra. While the bra is nice I really like the gallery because of the sexy orange thong she’s wearing. The design is so delicate and perfect and it’s made from orange lace. It highlights her amazing ass in all the right ways and around front it provides plenty of coverage while managing to be super sexy.

There are 16 videos at Brittany’s Bod and most are available in a high and low resolution WMV. The low resolution clips are 320x240 and the high resolution 640x480. The downloads are relatively fast as I never waited more than a few minutes for a clip to arrive. Most scenes are 4-8 minutes long and each features Brittany posing solo. Sometimes she does a sexy striptease, sometimes we’re looking in as she goes about her daily life and sometimes she turns up the heat and really shows us what a sexy babe she can be.

In particular there’s a video where she pours baby oil all over her tits. Nothing makes a pair of breasts look better than baby oil and that truism holds here. Brittany’s are particularly amazing given their size and when she gropes and squeezes them it’s breathtaking. There’s another great video where she does a sexy dance while channeling her inner stripper. This girl could make tons of money working the pole. For a little slice of life you can watch as she bakes cookies topless. It’s more interesting than it sounds.

The stories alluded to on the tour amount to four brief diary entries that will take you no more than two minutes to read. If you judge by those entries then Brittany has not been involved in the site in at least four months. The forum is also pretty barren so I wouldn’t count on entering an exciting new community if you join. The girlfriends page offers seven picture galleries from other solo babes around the web. Each gallery has 15 pictures so they’re basically TGP sets. It’s a miniature bonus at best.

Croco’s Opinion

Brittany has something good going here, but I’m afraid the site is going to die on the vine if she doesn’t come back and add more content. It’s been roughly a month since a new content set was added at several months since Brittany posted a diary entry. By all accounts she’s done. You’re left with 35 photo shoots and 16 videos as a member and that’s just a little slim. However, all the content she produces is of the highest quality so if you’re in love with her look then you’ll have at least one great month as a member of her site.


The design is lovely and browsing the picture galleries is simple. However, they only provide one screencap for each video.

Pricing Policy

Membership is $29.95 per month recurring.

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